Episode 37: July 2021 with Gareth George – Towpath Ranger with the Canal & River Trust

Episode 36: NBTA, Canal Watch & London with Helen Brice.

Episode 35: Has boating in London plummeted to an all time low? Tales of bad behaviour from the Regents canal & Sports Direct: Guest: Mike Coll.

Episode 34. Benjamin Mercer. What happens when your home catches fire and sinks?

Episode 33. Jasmin from ‘This Narrowboat Adventure’

Episode 32. Sam Thomas. Customer Operations Manager (London) for the Canal & River Trust. This fascinating conversation covers a wide range of topics from dealing with a tightrope walker over Hampstead Road Lock to hand-grenades, machetes, corpses and more found

Episode 31.Gareth. London Mooring Ranger with The Canal & River Trust

Episode 29. Linsdsey Hood – The Edward Snowden on Canals

Episode 28. Panchu from Peru

Episode 27. New London Boater meets Old Jaded One

Episode 26. The 13 Year old Continuous Cruiser on the Crystal Ship

Episode 25. Russell Brand’s Narrowboat and a Conflict of Interests

Episode 24. Raymond against the Machine

Episode 23. Waterlord Jon Guest. Head (now of London Boating with the Canal & River Trust)

Episode 22. Lindsey Hood Pt 2

Episode 21. Panic on the Fleets of London

Episode 20.David Wright – Owner East Coast Marine Heating & Electrics

Episode 19. John Hill. Boat Engineers & their customers

Episode 18.Janul on the perils of buying / selling a boat

Episode 17. Johnny ‘Diesel’ Paterson. Part 2

Episode 14. Johnny ‘Diesel’ Paterson. Part 1

Episode 13. Kit Redstone – Trans Man on a Widebeam

Episode 12. Secrets of London’s Coal Boats

Episode 11. Dick Vincent – Canal & River Trust

Episode 10. Kate Saffin – Compost Queen

Episode 9. Anarchy on the Waterways

Episode 8. Martyn Whitwell. Extreme Narrowboating

Episode 7. One Way to Sink a Boat.

Episode 6. Mooring ranger Mikeala

Episode 5. Warren on Picot aka Captain Shitanic. King of the Pumpout

Episode 4. Paddy Screech from Word on the Water

Episode 3. Richard Alford Waterways Chaplain.

Episode 2. Two Fish

Johnny Diesel. Part 1



Johnny Diesel. Part 2